A high-density, out-of-place, out-of-character housing project... in the very middle of our community?

A shoddy development plan that violates several county ordinances... but gets rubber-stamp approval anyway?

A plan that was recognized as being so poor, it received 14 straight NO votes... yet was approved by just one YES vote?

Sounds like the corruption of a different place and time, doesn't it?  Perhaps Chicago under the Daley machine?  Or maybe Kansas City during the Pendergast era of the 1930's?

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A date has not yet been set for the appeal of the Chapel Ridge decision to be heard in Platte County Circuit Court.  Please keep informed through this website, our Facebook page or mailing list for the latest developments.

While this website was created just to raise awareness of the plan, our Facebook is where you can get more information and keep up on all of the latest developments.


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The fight against Chapel Ridge continues.  This fight involves significant legal costs, requiring ongoing funding.  Find out how (and how much it takes) to make a difference in this effort.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CHAPEL RIDGE HEARINGS:  All hearings on the Chapel Ridge appeal are now in an indefinite delay, due to yet another ill-advised action by Platte County politicians.  See the new section at the bottom of our Facts page for the reasons behind this delay.  Further developments will be posted to this website and our Facebook page.

Unfortunately, it's here, and it's now.  The place: Platte County.  The time: now.

On December 2, 2013, the Chapel Ridge Planned Residential rezoning and preliminary plat was APPROVED through a technicality.  Despite having never received a single YES vote from any other county official, just one person - Jason Brown, Platte County Presiding Commissioner - was able to "railroad" Chapel Ridge to approval with just his one vote.  See our facts page for more information on how this technicality was carried out, and on the appeal effort now underway to reverse this controversial and ill-advised decision.

Read this blog to learn about the kinds of corruption that may be at the very heart of Chapel Ridge.


While we share a common goal of stopping these bad development ideas, the South Platte County Voice is a separate and unaffiliated grassroots project.  Thank you, Chris and Sarah, for your efforts and your tireless research on this blog!

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IS ANOTHER HIGH-DENSITY BATTLE BREWING?  In May, 2014, NBH Holdings submitted preliminary plans for a mixed-use development at the Highway 45/K intersection.  While not as objectionable as the Chapel Ridge plan, there are still many significant community concerns with this plan.  In response to both of these high-density developments, a community group has organized, and a separate web site created at http://spfrd.webs.com to share news and information about all development plans in South Platte County.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: The "Sign my Petition" button below is for the new "South Platte for Responsible Development" petition.  If you signed the original "No Chapel Ridge" petition, we recommend that you read, and (if you agree) sign this new petition as well.